Disney Magic: Review of Cruise Ship Stateroom 8086 (Concierge One-Bedroom Suite)

I stayed in this stateroom on when my family sailed on the Disney Magic cruise ship during a Very Merrytime Cruise, December 24, 2017, through December 29, 2017. Room 8086 is a Category T One-Bedroom Suite with Verandah. It is towards the back of the ship (aft). In choosing this cabin for our cruise, I wanted a quiet location and plenty of space with the concierge level of service.
There are no other staterooms across from this cabin; in fact, directly across is an entrance to one of the crew’s interior stairwells (the door to the stairwell was usually closed). We did not hear any major noise from this entrance, although it’s possible that you may hear them moving luggage on the last night of your cruise (we did not because the master bedroom doors were closed, so it muffled any sounds).
We definitely had plenty of room in this stateroom, but I would say that it was not as quiet as Room 11020 on the Disney Dream (also a Category T One Bedroom Suite with Verandah), which we sailed on December 26, 2016. Room 11020 on the Dream is below another stateroom, while Room 8086 on the Magic is below Cabanas (one of the Magic’s restaurants), so you sometimes could hear some noise from above. In any event, to book a Category T on the Magic, it’s unavoidable to be under a public area of the ship, which means you’re going to get some noise regardless. Before booking, I read reviews for other Category T cabins on the Magic and noticed that people complained more about being midship and forward because of noise coming from the moving of deck chairs above.
Here is what the cabin looks like when you enter. The entrance “hallway” is pretty narrow (it was hard for more that one of us to exit at the same time, unlike our cabin on the Dream). One bathroom is immediately to your left, with a set of two large closets to your right.
IMG_5412 (1)


I liked how the dining area has a little wet bar area, with an extra sink, which also is where the mini-fridge is located (hidden in one of the lower cabinets). Room 11020 on the Dream does not have such a wet bar.


Here is the bathroom near the entrance, which has a shower. I did not like how it has a shower curtain (our Dream cabin had a glass door), but there still is plenty of room in there. Also, our room in the Dream had an amazing (read: powerful) rain showerhead right above your head, in addition to the standard showerhead. Neither of the bathrooms on the Magic has a second showerhead. This bathroom is smaller than the second bathroom in our Dream cabin, making it feel like your typical tight cruise ship bathroom.




I liked the master bedroom area a lot. I liked how it has its own private entrance to the balcony (verandah), unlike the room we had on the Dream. There also is more space to move around mainly because right next the balcony is where the murphy bed can be opened up. We never used the murphy bed, as my son slept in the sleep sofa in the living room, so it remained up during our entire trip. We used the extra space for our luggage (I’m not one to unpack everything into drawers, although there are plenty of drawers to do that and room under the bed to store your suitcases).

IMG_5420 (1)




Here are the beautiful art nouveau styled frosted glass sliding doors that separated the bedroom from the living room. I loved the design but kind of wished it was not glass. If someone in the living room (or bedroom) is sleeping and a person on the other side turns on the light, then it can wake the other person up. We did not have that issue in our room on the Dream, as all doors are opaque.


I really liked the design of the master bath better than what we had on the Dream. There is a roomy dressing area with a large mirror and walk-in closet. Also, I found the jetted bathtub to be a little less intrusive than the tub in the Dream cabin. Our room on the Dream, however, had more storage space in the bathroom. I always felt that I never had enough room near the sink on the Magic, but sometimes I would step into the vanity of the dressing area if I needed more space.






IMG_5438 (1)

Finally, here is our large, double balcony with a view of Miami. Our verandah on the Dream was even larger, but this one was quite sufficient.


If I were to pick between the Category T cabins of the Magic and the Dream, I prefer the layout of the Magic (my husband actually preferred the Dream). It’s all a matter of taste, but you cannot go wrong with 614 square feet of space!
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