Day 2 – Day at Sea: Seven-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise on the Disney Fantasy

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We started our first day at sea with me going back and forth between Cabana’s, our stateroom, and the Concierge Lounge on multiple occasions (because I only have two hands). I created our own breakfast buffet that we consumed while watching super-cute and hilarious Mickey Mouse Shorts on a constant loop via our living room television while also gazing at the open sea through our balcony doors.


After breakfast, my husband headed for the gym, while my son and I hung out, continuing to watch the endless sea (and Mickey Shorts). Upon my husband’s return, it was my turn for the gym, which was packed (as is usually the case on days at sea). When I finished my work-out, I grabbed some very light snacks from the Concierge Lounge, which ended up being my lunch. My husband and son already had left to go to Cabana’s for lunch, and then they went on to Preludes to see Daisy Duck (one of my hubby’s favorite characters – mine, too, as that duck has sass!).

In the meantime, I showered and headed over to Senses Spa for the Swedish massage that I had booked through the Shoreside Concierge service. During my initial consultation with the massage therapist, I somehow was convinced to upgrade to the Deep Tissue massage (for an additional $11). This was the second time that I had a massage in Senses. The first time was on the Disney Magic, when I received a Thai Herbal Poultice massage. I didn’t like it, as the poultice was too hot, and the therapist was too rough with it. So, going into this second massage, I thought that as long as the therapist didn’t have an object in her hands, that the massage would be much better.

Well, once again, I was wrong! Upgrading to deep tissue was a bad move (even though I have had PLENTY of deep tissue massages on land). The pressure was way too intense, and the therapist kept going after spots that I told her to avoid. At the end of the brutality, she asked if I would like a “complimentary” collagen eye treatment. Sure, why not, since I knew she was going to try to sell me the products…and, yes, that’s exactly what she did. Both the therapist and the receptionist (when I was leaving) were very aggressive and asked whether I would be returning later during the cruise. Um, no. Not only did the massage suck (like the first time), but I was sick and tired of the constant up-sell of products/services. I later complained about it to the Concierge staff, and they said that they had heard these complaints before. They said that it’s hard for DCL to provide feedback to the Senses Spa staff because apparently they are stuck in some sort of weird contract with the company that runs the spa. Per the Concierge, DCL has tried to bring these folks in-house but, so far, have not been successful.

After the massage, I was STARVING, so I picked up some food from Flo’s Café, brought it back to our stateroom, and ate it on our balcony. Sitting on the balcony, listening to the waves, and enjoying my meal was waaaayyyy more relaxing then that ungodly massage! And, cheaper, too.

My super-smart husband already did this very thing while I was off wasting money on the massage: he had dropped off our son at the Oceaneer Club and did his own relaxation by reading on the balcony, one of his favorite cruise activities.

One of my favorite cruise activities is shopping! So, during the afternoon, I decided to visit the shops to see the latest wares being offered. Halloween merchandise (in August!) was out, and I was super-tempted to buy both of these items. I regret not buying Mummy Goofy:


I ended up buying some swag that was easier to bring along with us during the flight home, including more pins for our growing collection. These pins were for my son:


Matching pins for my hubby (and me) as a surprise wedding anniversary gift (our anniversary was later in the week):


Since 2018 was DCL’s own 20th anniversary, I had to buy this cute magnet to commemorate it:


I couldn’t resist this super-cute luggage tag:


After finishing up my shopping, I returned back to our stateroom to get ready for formal night. We’re not big on getting dressed up. I wore a simple black sleeveless dress, but my rose gold sequined Minnie ears headband instantly made things sparkle!

Dinner was in the Royal Court restaurant. Cinderella’s coach awaited us:


Even the napkin knew it was formal night:


Of course, we started out the meal with bread. This single piece of “French country bread” was enormous! It looked like a giant muffin (and was quite yummy):


The French onion soup was good:


My husband had the slow roasted breast of chicken off of the “lighter note offerings,” which he said was good. Our waiter knew that my husband has a dairy and beef allergy, so he surprised him with this delicious dish, a specially prepared off-the-menu item – a vegetarian stuffed pepper (with Israeli cous cous):


I had the Chateaubriand-roasted filet steak, which was just OK (I’m not a steak person, so I have no idea why I ordered this dish). The green beans were good, and the mashed potatoes were very good:


The dessert menu was like opening a special letter from a royal friend:

I had the opera gateau, which was absolutely fantastic:


After dinner we headed back to our stateroom to relax and go to bed early. Our towel piggy wished us a good night:


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