The Travel Bibliophile

Travel and book-lovers unite! Call me old-school, but I love reading a physical book (not a tablet screen) when I travel. It’s my preference while I’m at home, too. Through the years, I’ve read many travel-related books, both fiction and non-fiction. Here’s a list of some of my favorites…


Travels, by Michael Crichton


It’s a rare non-fiction (and autobiographical) book by the ever-creative fiction writer. Well, technically, the book is considered “fiction,” as the author changed some names and a few details in order to protect the identities of people discussed in the book. Regardless, the late Crichton takes us on his travel (and spiritual) journeys throughout his life, which included out-of-body experiences and astral projection. With chapter titles such as  “An Elephant Attacks” and “Pyramid of the Magicians,” you’ll be enthralled while you read about Crichton’s adventures across the globe.


Adventure Capitalist: The Ultimate Road Trip, by Jim Rogers

Adventure Capitalist

Could you imagine taking three years to drive around the world? That’s exactly what the famous investor, Jim Rogers, did, and it is quite the eye-opening experience. He and his fiancee (who joined him for this epic drive) ended up setting a Guinness record for the longest continuous car journey, roving around 116 countries in a custom-built convertible Mercedes. And, this wasn’t just for fun, either. Jim was looking for the best countries in which to invest, and, soon after the journey, ended up relocating to Singapore, where he continues to live today.


1,000 Places to See Before You Die, by Patricia Schultz

1,000 Places

If you’re a check-the-box, bucket list type of traveler, then this is the perfect book for you. It’s the ultimate tome to instill wanderlust into your life. This book has gone through several editions. I have an older version that has black and white photos, but the newest edition has gorgeous, color photos to make you drool. Admittedly, it’s kind of fun to thumb through the book and actually put checks next to the places I’ve visited. I’m not even close to the full one thousand, but one day, I’m telling you, one day…


Rick Steves’ Europe Guidebooks


Rick Steves is the KING of European travel. Even if you’re not a budget/backpacker type like him, his plethora of knowledge about this continent is mind-boggling. He truly is the European guru and provides lots of insider tips and tricks to help you plan your own trip to Europe, whether it’s your first time or your twentieth.


Memoirs of a Geisha, by Arthur Golden


A riveting historical fiction piece set in Kyoto, Japan, during World War II, this novel is told in the first-person by a young girl who becomes a geisha. The novel is beautifully written, as we learn about this child’s destiny and how she eventually hopes to change it. The book later became an Academy-award winning film, which is a testament to the story it reveals about Japan’s culture and history.



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