The Travel Bibliophile

Travel and book-lovers unite! Call me old-school, but I love reading a physical book (not a tablet screen) when I travel. It's my preference while I'm at home, too. Through the years, I've read many travel-related books, both fiction and non-fiction. Here's a list of some of my favorites...   Travels, by Michael Crichton It's … Continue reading The Travel Bibliophile

Satiate Your Wanderlust Through Armchair Travel

When you're passionate about travel, not being able to leave your house to actually do it will drive you nuts. Whether you're experiencing a lock-down or self-quarantine (or you're reading this in 2021, and you're too broke to travel), you still can relieve that wanderlust itch. Satiate that wanderlust through armchair travel! Lots of folks … Continue reading Satiate Your Wanderlust Through Armchair Travel